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Pair Badminton Lessons Singapore ULTexplosive

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Instead of learning privately, do you prefer to learn badminton with your better half or your friends? Excited to learn badminton with your closest friends?

If your answer is yes, then our pair/trio badminton lesson is the best choice for you. Under those badminton lessons, students can come together in pairs/trios together and learn the sport. We have professional badminton coaches assigned to such lessons with enough experience in dealing with students in pairs/trios.

You can get your partner, friends, siblings, and or any other individual to play and learn badminton with you. By learning and playing badminton in pairs/trios, it make the players feel emotionally intense, builds a competitive sport, and makes the lessons much more enjoyable.

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Pair Badminton Lesson

$550 for 6 Sessions
  • 120 Minutes of Pair Training
  • Tailored Training Drills
  • Prices are Inclusive of Court Booking (Both Private and Public)
  • One-time Registration Fee of $50 (Applicable to New Students)
  • *FREE Exclusive ULTexplosive Badminton Academy Jersey (For New Students)
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ULTexplosive Badminton Academy Pair Badminton Lessons